Monday, October 26, 2009

baby registry

Seeing as how we're approaching our 18th week of pregnancy, we thought it couldn't hurt to think about a baby registry.

For now, there's only a few items listed, but when we know the baby's gender I'm sure we'll be adding to it!

Just click here for the link!

**Please don't be alarmed that we're planning on using cloth diapers; we've looked into it and we see that we can save money in the long run this way, plus, I'd feel terrible throwing several diapers away a day just to be taking up earth space and landfills and such. We've got neutral colors for now, but we'll add some blues or pinks depending on the whatever the baby is! We will be needing disposable diapers for the first couple of months; we won't be able to afford to keep up with laundry while we are still in our apartment in Wayne as it costs nearly $4 to wash and dry one load.

Hopefully we'll get some photos up, soon!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We thought Fall was here but, oddly enough, we're enjoying warm evenings and afternoons in the 70's.

If you didn't know, we've been having a tough time with things here. To be brief, I'll suffice it to say that my hours were cut in half at my full time job and I was working almost every full weekend at my part time job. Although I was working every day, the hours didn't add up, and we were drained, financially.

For the past five weeks we'd been discussing what our possibilities could be, but it became obvious quickly that we'd have to figure out a new source of income - quickly!
The job market blows, but I think I've found a fit at Starbucks (a different locoation than last Winter!). My first day was on Wednesday and by Halloween I should be finished with the majority of my training there. The other partners I've met thus far seem nice enough and the store manager seems more than glad to have hired me.

Perhaps in a bout a months time we will apply for WIC and the food stamp program; we are having a difficult time getting by since we drained ourselves financially for the month I was working strictly part time.

Enough about that though!

We're around 16 weeks pregnant, and I am slowly getting excited about it. We can't wait to know the sex of the baby, and I expect my belly will start ballooning pretty soon. We'll post photos of our next ultrasound..!

Things are more uplifting; we have a sour if income, baby is healthy so far, I'm not barfing so much, and we're finally about to mail out our Thank you notes!

Nate and I plan on spending Thanksgiving in New England with his family, and Christmas in PGH with mine. We expect two visits from our moms in the months of November and December, and hopefully this will help me combat my heartache for family.

Enjoy the upcoming fall and winter!