Monday, February 22, 2010

34.5 week ultrasound!

Hello! We got another sonogram today. Since I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I've been testing my blood sugars somewhat regularly and cutting lots of carbs out of my diet. The only big risk with gestational diabetes is that the baby might get too big in while in the belly, meaning that I might need an early scheduled c section.
So today's ultrasound was to make sure that Auden isn't becoming a fatty, and that I am doing an OK job with my new diet. And fortunately, everything is looking great!
She has a good brain and good organs and a heart that pumps A LOT and she is actually a little (not in a bad way!) smaller than average. This is probably because I am a petite little person, and so the baby can't be too big.

So! Good news. Looks like we'll be having a solid baby.

We're hoping for a March baby. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thanks to everyone who was able to come to the baby shower and be so generous to us. We both feel much better knowing that we are more tangibly equipped to care for a baby!

In the next several of months, we obviously will be going through a lot of change. Auden will probably come whenever she'd like, I'll be taking off work for several weeks, Nate will have to figure out how to juggle school, his part time job, and being a new dad all at the same time. Plus, we've extended our lease here until the end of May and have begun skimming around for a new apartment in western PA; Nate has tentative plans for grad school at seminary, and we are both looking forward to a better apartment with less expensive rent. Plus, we think Auden will be needing her own room...

Keep your eyes and ears open for us; we're on the market for both new jobs and a new apartment by June.

Love all of you!