Sunday, August 7, 2011

getting by and enjoying it (mostly!)

Sometimes I can't help but mourn the newlywed period that we never got to have.

But how foolish of me. Sure, a person is a person, and an American is an American, and I am both of those, and somehow I can't help but think I am owed this concept of 'personal time' (or, 'me time,' '8 full hours of sleep,' 'a splurgey night out alone,' an 'expensive fancy date night,' etc. I could go on, I'm sure.).

People have been having babies since the beginning of time. People have been having babies when they were younger than me since the beginning of time. People have been poorer than us since the beginning of time. People have been experiencing horrors since the beginning of time - things that I can only hope that my family and I will never ever have to endure.

And so while I sit here and moan about only getting four hours of sleep, or having to wake up at 4am for work, then come home and clean, then pay all our money for bills, then make phone calls for grad school - Do I really have the right to complain?

I have a husband, good health, a daughter who's in good health, a furnished apartment, and a really expensive and education that I love.
At least I'm not experiencing the holocaust or another type of horrible genocide, or at least I am not in an abusive relationship, and at least I have tons of friends and family who are, generally speaking, experiencing the similar joyous, albeit boring, routine of everyday life.

SO maybe I don't get to play MarioKart too often or drink wine regularly.

Things are too good to complain, and perspective is essential.

real life updates: Nate is working on his last class for his BA, Nate is working through a new job search, I joined weight watchers at a discounted rate to help lose these last 15 pounds, I start school this fall, Nate's parents visited last week and it was wonderful and too short.

Auden's vocabulary:
uh-oh, mommy, daddy, no, don't, please, cheese, ball, baby, Dora, Gabba Gabba, Up, Down, book, Dance, owie, hi, hello, how are you, hat, hot,

Well, I can't remember the rest!
New videos coming soon!