Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi! It's been a while since we've blogged on here; we traveled to Pittsburgh for Christmas and enjoyed a visit with Nate's parents mid December, so not only were we busy, but we got to see almost everyone for whom this blog exists. So, if we missed seeing you, Happy belated Christmas!

Things have been going well. Nate's sitting next to me and he wants to write this blog so his section will follow after mine. Excuse any double updates we both might accidentally share with you! Auden moves around regularly, and I guess she is around 15 or so inches long at this point. For a more accurate idea, think of an eggplant?
We finished our registries, too. We're registered at both Target and Babies R Us, mostly so everyone who wants to help us out will have more than just one place to go looking.
After getting some blood work done, we also found out that I've become very anemic, and so I'm taking iron, which is boring. That's all really, on my end. The shower in Pittsburgh is January 30th, I think, and my mom is sending out invites this week (I think). Love and miss all of you!

So, first week of classes and I am still alive. I just got a job at the sandwich shop on campus and I am actually pretty excited about it. I haven't worked in a while, so I am pretty pumped to start doing something other than reading and writing papers. We'll see how it goes.