Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello October! (massive video blog!)

Hi there! Sorry I have been a bad blogger! I would rally off excuses (like, "We are so busy that I often forget to take the time to upload pictures and video," or, "Nate and I are still getting used to being grownups that when we attempt to upload we can't find the right USB cables!" or, "Well, we could upload them now, but mom and dad Sellers just visited, and so maybe the update can wait til next week and we'll just relax for now," or, "Well, we upload new photos on facebook every so often, so maybe it doesn't matter if we put off the blog a bit."), but excuses are lame, and so I am sorry for my procrastination. At any rate, I apologize and hope to manage the blog better in the future, although this is unfortunately not very likely since we honestly have so much going on in our lives right now.

I will elaborate!
I work 30 hours at Starbucks. Nate works Mondays and Saturdays at Doubletree. Nate has classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We do youth group on Wednesdays. Church on Sundays...

But, to be honest, aside from work schedules being less than optimal and sometimes very inconsistent, this is what we wanted, and we are planting some roots here in Pittsburgh.

Other new things: Baby weight is very hard to lose and that is frustrating. Every time I lose five or so pounds, I seem to gain it back accidentally. Nate is doing so well in German that his professor has asked him to tutor another student for extra credit. We are spending Thanksgiving here and plan on driving to New Hampshire for Christmas (though we're still figuring out exact dates). The Pens have lost their first two games of the season and that makes me very sad. Auden is growing more hair, and it is obvious that she has Nate's signature cowlicks. We went to the movies and we really liked Scott Pilgrim (in Center, there is a $5 movie night. wahoo!) I am very allergic to bananas post pregnancy and probably for the rest of my life. We painted Auden's room, and it looks great! Maybe in the next post I'll post a before and after picture. We also had a half birthday party for Auden, and that was a lot of fun.

Anyway, here are tons of videos. They are listed in order of oldest to newest, (from early August to this past weekend!), and maybe it is silly to post older ones, but I think it is really cool to see how Auden developed over the last few months. (she gets much more chatty as the videos progress, plus, you can see her learning how to reach and the grab for things).