Saturday, June 16, 2012

auden's a kid!

Perhaps short, brief posts are more realistic for us.
 Last week, we were making funny jokes in the car by going over the rumble strips on the side of the road on an off ramp. Saying things like, 'ew! that's stinky! Daddy farted!' and making Auden laugh. After a minute or two passes clear of fart jokes, Auden lets out a real big fart and declares, "I FARTED!"

 Made home made finger paint yesterday with Auden. Huge success! I walked away for one minute to clean up the counter from preparing it, looked back to check on her, just to see that she had painted her arms, chest, and face.

 Auden likes to shower like a grown up now. She's pretty good at it!
   Auden talks in full and complete sentences, and we can even rationalize with her! Aside from overnight, she's mastered the potty.

 I took her to living treasures, an interactive animal park last week, and she gladly shared her carrots with the other kids so they could also feed the baby giraffe. She also rode a pony named Oreo and got bit by a goose.

Happy summer-time!

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